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Crowdfunding is a powerful tool that's easy to use.

According to Wikipedia, "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is a form of crowd sourcing and of alternative finance. In 2015, it was estimated that worldwide over US$34 billion was raised this way."

While there are several methods by which money can be raised, some methods are somewhat easy, while others are not so much so. Most have certain restrictions. We've reviewed the various methods and being guided by the KISS Principle, that is, "Keep It Simple, ... ," we've developed a new and exciting system that is a Win-Win-Win, for all involved.

With the other crowdfunding methods, someone makes a contribution to your project and they're done - out of the picture. Unless, of course, they wish to contribute more to the project you are funding and they actively join with you and personally promote it.

And while they may receive tax deductions for their donation, we believe that those who contribute to your cause should be rewarded for their thoughtfulness and generosity. So, we have developed a system that will allow the contributor to share in the funding stream that they've created with you!  All they need do is donate a minimum of $40, to your crowd funding platform and they then can begin to create their own crowd funding which adds to your crowd. Win - Win!

You can use the donations for anything your heart desires.

Here's how it works.

When you make a $40 donation to our humanitarian cause, we create a "wallet," that is, a cash account for you. As you begin to promote your project and invite others to donate at the $40 level, they too, receive a "wallet," account within the platform or crowd and if they desire to fund a project they too can begin to create their own crowd.  Our platform keeps all records and deposits money into the correct wallet.  As you share this message with others and two or more of your friends, neighbors, or relatives help support your project with a $40 donation, your crowd grows bigger and produces more cash for you. 

You can use the money for any lawful purpose you desire. It could be another cash flow stream for you or your family, or you could pay off a student loan, a car loan, your mortgage, take a vacation, finally restore that old Chevy - whatever the need may be. It's YOUR money with no strings attached, and no one is looking over your shoulder to see how you spend it.  As cash accumulates in your wallet you can draw it down into your bank account and spend it as you desire.

But, here's where it gets really exciting!

When you Donate to Love Won Society to help fund our projects you automatically join our Crowd. We then support you in your efforts to promote your project.  That's the "2." And when you find someone to donate to your Crowd for your project that is the "3." But of course, a crowd is three or more people, so as you continue to find others to donate to your crowd it adds to the larger crowd of all those creating their crowd within an even larger crowd and that is our definition of "Crowd Funding."  You must leverage your activities by finding others to help you while they are helping themselves.  

That's how in 2015 alone, $34 billion US,  World Wide, was created for those involved  in a Crowd Funding platform. So does it work?  Yes, it does!!!!!!!  Will it work for you?  It will if you succeed in your efforts to grow you own crowd and help your people in growing their own crowd.

Remember. the wonderful part of this is that everyone who joins your crowd shares in the cash flow stream. Our platform creates a "wallet" for each of them and they too, will be rewarded for their participation. It's a Win-Win-Win, for everyone who has helped make your dream come true.

There are no limits to your potential!

Unlike some other crowdfunding programs, there are no time limits or minimums or project qualifications which must be met before you can receive the funds. Whatever accumulates in your wallet is yours to use as soon as it arrives.

Once you've made your $40 donation to Love Won Society and your wallet has been created, you can begin to grow your own crowd without delay. In addition to sharing with a few people, you may want to consider full or part time work in crowdfunding as shown below.  If you make that decision we will show you how to facilitate the growth of your own crowd so that your donation stream of cash flow, flows to you much quicker. In this way you will be tapping into a much larger crowd base that can put funds into your wallet sooner.

We encourage you to share this opportunity with others so they can become part of the cash flow stream and achieve their financial goals as well. Remember, by helping them you're helping yourself. And maybe, giving a donation in the name of someone in need is a great Pay-It-Forward gift, as they will always remain in that created cash flow stream. 

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Crowdfunding can become a new part time work or maybe even a new career!

For those who want to understand this concept and its potential, you can become one of our Crowdfunding Specialists, whereby you can actively promote our crowdfunding service and create a full-time income stream for yourself. It is a natural next-step decision for whose with extra time on their hands. It can be the perfect career for a stay-at-home mom or dad, or a part-time job for a student, or for anyone who needs extra cash. And who doesn't need more cash in their lives.  It's simple, fun, and easy!

We have created a simple marketing program using the card as seen below.  These "business" cards have a very simple message which can be your primary promotion tool. You never need to "sell" the concept as the card and our website will do the explaining for you. All you have to do is pass out the cards as quickly as possible to anyone who has a need for more cash to achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives.  You could even use your cell phone and take a picture of your funding card and help it go viral on social media! It can be that simple.

Use crowdfunding to help your favorite charity.

For those of you who are members of a church congregation or another non-profit charity and would like to help your cause with our Crowdfunding Platform, we invite you to investigate how you can facilitate funding for your church or charity and see how much more quickly your crowd may grow.  The faster it grows the faster your projects get funded.  Most churches rely on their members to donate to their projects.  Using crowdfunding donating process is like having thousands more members donating to the same projects.  It is synergy at its finest.

To learn the details of how our Crowdfunding Program actually works and the creation of your crowd and your wallet, please click the link below. There is no obligation if you choose not to participate, but there can be a future of financial freedom if you do.

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