Who We are

Love Won Society​, is a gathering of like minded people with a conviction that, when we are in the service of our fellow man, "we are only in the service of our God."  Religiously, we are non-denominational in our approach to our service.  There are many definitions of "God" surrounding our beliefs in a Divine Creator of all that is.  We have found harmony with each other and have aligned ourselves with the Bible definition that "God is Love."  Together we also hold the belief that God wins out in all conflict with darkness, past and present, and therefore God, or Love, has Won.  And so we rally around the truth that LOVE WON.

Heaven on Earth

Our Purpose

Love Won Society has set out to bring dignity, strength, and love to FAMILIES.  Our belief that recreating Heaven on Earth is at the basis of the creation of our beloved planet.  The axiom “as above, so below,” and conversely, “as below so above,” gives rise to the belief that a FAMILY structure existed in the heavenly realms as a spiritual creation before it was naturally upon the face of the earth.  With that concept of, “family,” existing in heaven then it would naturally follow that the family structure, through the creation process, has been recreated here on earth.  Therefore, it is concluded that the family structure on earth, as a perfected pattern from the heavenly realms, is a sacred everlasting and ever expanding, formula of The Creator of All Things, bringing forth, Heaven on Earth.

 As Love Won Society yields to the innermost enticing of our hearts, we then desires to be in service to FAMILIES, the fabric of society and the primal cause and effect of God’s Love given to mankind. 


Our Mission Statement

 It is by Divine Intervention and Directive that this sacred mission, LOVE WON SOCIETY, was created as a philosophical, teaching, and healing ministry.

            LOVE WON SOCIETY adheres to the Premise that all events are orchestrated for the good of each individual involved in that event, and because Prime Source or LOVE, the creator of all things, created the event, then at all times and in all places LOVE, or God, has WON.

            When an individual realizes God, or Love, is behind all events that take place in one’s life, then it gives that individual the chance to ponder and question the reason for that event.  This pondering allows God, or LOVE, to reveal the Divine Reasons behind such events.  Such Divine revelation brings peace and unspeakable joy when one understands God’s, or LOVE’s, reasons.

            A belief that LOVE WON, begins the journey to peace and joy in a way that breaks the cycle of pain and suffering.  LOVE WON is such a profound statement of truth that it wants to be spread to all who desire to understand the truth in the experiences of their lives.  The MISSION of LOVE WON SOCIETY, therefore, is to share this understanding with all those who seek for further Light and Knowledge that God has promised to send.

Help Families

Our Plan

Families often times need outside assistance to get through tough times.  The need for assistance might be a leg up on a particular problem, or counseling to work through relationship problems, or help in finding work and so on.  Most families get the help they need from family, friends and neighbors or maybe their church but there are times when what they really need is simply MONEY.  Everybody needs more money.

As Love Won Society, we receive donations that can provide a limited amount of help but the need far outweighs the donations we receive. 

We have developed the slogan “Donate for Dignity,” as a guiding principle that can have far reaching consequences.  As we sought for a way that we could help families, we were reminded that when you give a man a fish, you have fed him for a day.  But when you teach a man to fish you’ve fed him for life.  The idea of going around giving fish (money) was not wise, so we needed a better approach to support families in need.

 We came into contact with the idea of Crowdfunding as a vehicle we could use to not only help families, but to help individuals within families.  We also saw that it could be improved to harmonize with our Donate for Dignity approach.  Our continued search revealed a way that fits our goals to help families, and so we embraced it fully.  The results can be  found in our Funding Activities menu. We also saw that Crowdfunding could be used for non-profits, charities, and churches as a means of receiving donations for their projects. 

 After months of fine tuning, we created a Perfected Approach to crowdfunding.  This perfected approach, not found anywhere on the web, harnesses crowdfunding concepts in a way that puts money into the hands of all who participate.  This is done by creating an ever growing, ever expanding crowd that produces a flow of cash into the hands of those who need it.  Our plan is creating more and more momentum as it is implemented into the lives of individuals and families.  This program changes lives. We are excited!!!